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.:Rules and more:.

Mario's Enemies Collaboration!


We are proud for all the members that contributed to make this awesome collaboration!! Very Nice job! :lol:


Submission Rules:

:bulletyellow: Human versions of official Mario characters are allowed.
:bulletyellow: No yaoi with kissing, yuri with kissing, or male pregnancies aren't allowed.
:bulletyellow: However, straight, yuri, and yaoi couples are indeed allowed as long as they aren't particularly erotic. ^^
:bulletyellow: Please, be sure to submit your deviation into the right folder, or it will be declined.
:bulletyellow: Must be Mario related, however, Cross-over are accepted as well too. There's a folder for that.
:bulletyellow: No re-colors!
:bulletyellow: No trolling, flaming, spaming or bashing.
:bulletyellow: I will not allow stolen art.
:bulletyellow: You can't contribute the same art more than once in the group's gallery. It means you can't remove your art from the group and resubmit once again. It is considered as a spam . If it happens you do it once, you'll be warned and if it happens you do it again, you'll be banned/blocked from the group.
:bulletyellow: No Vores.
:bulletyellow: No 18+ or too erotic pictures allowed.
:bulletyellow: All submission containing Official pictures that doesn't belongs to you will be automaticly declined!

If you're fine with these rules, then you can start contribute art in our group! :)


Mariobros-FanClub's Own Online Drawing Board

Ever wanted a place where you could come together to draw, chat and roleplay as a community? Well, come check out MarioBros-FanClub's official iScribble chatroom hosted and managed by Miapon!

For control and management reasons, the chatroom is a private board. Rest assured as all members (and your friends) are welcome, all you have to do is comment below with your iScribble account name (NOT your nickname). Once you've done that, I'll add you below so you and other members can see that you're going to be there.

Don't have an iScribble account? Register here --…


:bulletblue: Do not invite other users without my permission, I need to know who's coming in at all times.
:bulletblue: Do not cause problems within the chatroom, you will be banned from both this board and the club itself.

You have been warned.

:bulletblue:If you have any questions or comments, please address Miapon (Co-Founder)
:bulletblue: The official group's rule applies to this board.

That's it, follow those simple guideline and we'll have a good time!



Current Members:

Miapon - Patatalkapon (Founder)
Rhay-Robotnik - Rhay (Co-Founder)
LWSkybones - LWSkybones (Member)
Jerkules - Sicknasty (Member)
Angelstar7 - Angelstar7 (Member)
Makojupiter - Makojupiter (Member)
Mayasacha - Mayasacha (Member)



This is Co-founder Chivi-chivik speaking.
It's December 1st now, so this means you can't join anymore.
Quoting the founder, Miapon:

When do I submit my wishlist?
Anytime before November 30th.

Miapon will decide what to do with the people who joined yet haven't given their wishlists yet.

Stay tuned for more info and updates. :)

November 22th, 2014 UPDATE:
Don't forget to write your Wishlist! Or you won't be allowed to take part of our Secret Santa Event! ._.

Just to let you know that it remains 8 days left to write your journal about your wishlist AND if you're unsure about how to write your wishlist, be sure to go read the advices below Inside this journal!

Have a nice day everyone and be merry! ^u^




I saw wishlists that were too picky. It is clearly stated in the journal. So for the one that asked for a gift containing more than one character in the picture. Unless your santa decide to be generous, you must add another choice, your santa can only draw one character, it must be fair at the end. As example, I myself would love the Mario brothers together but I can only ask for Luigi or Mario or my OC.

Have a nice day! :)


:snowflake::iconchristmasdivider:Hiya and welcome to :iconmariobros-fanclub: first Secret Santa event!:iconchristmasdivider::snowflake:

This is the first time I personally have done this, and i hope by being inspired from other Secret Santa events, that all will be okay! ^u^
Also, I learned I'll be outside the city for the weekend so I decided to start the Secret Santa Event now! I was supposed to announce the winners of the contest today but i got to prepare things for tomorrow, so it will be officially announced for Monday! n.n

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:What is Secret Santa?:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

Secret Santa is an event where you draw art for one another, and get art back in return.
It's all anonymous until the day arrives to hand out the gifts and send your gift and receive your's from your Secret Santa.
Meaning you won't know who YOUR Santa is until the day arrives.
Making the wait for your gift exciting!

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:How do I join?:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

Anyone who is a member of :iconmariobros-fanclub: can join. Just comment below with, "I'd like to join." or note the group that you'd like to join and we'll add you to our list.
If you're not a member yet and are interested in joining this event, join the group and we'll be more then happy to accept you.
If there is someone you'd like to recommend to join our event, just send us a note with their username and we'll invite them to the group with a message that they were recommended for our Secret Santa event.

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:When do I get to know who I shall draw for?:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

November 30th, we will organize and hand out who you will be Santa for. (We will note you anyway :) )
All members will be matched with others of similar skill so that everyone gets a fair gift. All skill levels are welcome!

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:When do I submit my wishlist?:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

Anytime before November 30th.

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:Where do I submit my wishlist?:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

-Just make a journal with your wishlist, have a minimum of 3 things you'd like to have drawn for you.
This way to give your Santa some options.
-Comment HERE with the link of your Wishlist journal inside!
-Make sure not to delete your wishlist or your Santa won't know what you want.
-Also, do not change anything you wish for after November 30th in your wishlist.

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:HOW TO WRITE YOUR WISHLIST:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

-Your Wishlist should include:

:snowflake:Which characters you may want drawn (you can choose 3 or 4, but your santa is only obligated to draw one character, so keep that in mind.)
:snowflake:References of your Mario Fan Characters! (Or Official Mario Character)
:snowflake:Whether you would like a chibi, bust, fullbody, etc.
:snowflake:Any theme preferences you may have (For example, just a snowy scene if you don't really celebrate Christmas)
:snowflake:What you are willing to draw (Fullbodies, bust, chibi, etc)

***YOU MUST SHOW/LINK A REFERENCE. REFS ARE A MUST. AN ABSOLUTE. If you have no refs then make one before the SS event starts.
***Remember!: Don't be too strict with your wishlist. These are gifts, not orders, so let your santa have some freedom to make something from the heart. But you're allowed to specify in which pose your character will be drawn, but don't be too picky, think about a simple pose, easy to draw. ;)

:snowflake:Place somewhere in your journal that your wishlist is for :iconmariobros-fanclub:

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:When should I submit my gift?:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

December 21th, you're welcome to give your gift. The final deadline for giving your gift will be January 5th.
This should give you plenty of time to work on your piece and get it to who it needs to.

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:GUIDELINES AS A SANTA:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

-Traditional/digital art is accepted.

-We welcome even the newest beginners, but BASES and TRACES are NOT ALLOWED.
People deserve gifts made from scratch and from the heart. :heart:

-Make sure you put effort and care into the art!
Everyone is trying their hardest, and we hope you are too!

-If you are uncomfortable with something, please mention it to Miapon or Chivi-chivik and we will make adjustments.

-It is your choice if you want to make the picture winter themed or not! Draw as you see fit! Artistic freedom is the key to the best results!

-As we're a group especially created for Mario Characters and Mario Fan characters only, this will be more a Mario Themed Secret Santa!. So the Secret Santa must stay in the Mario Fandom.  C:

-If you fail to complete your gift by the deadline, you will be removed/banned from the group and from any future events this group holds. (Unless there is a major emergency, and I mean major.)

-If you do not receive your gift by the deadline, please note the group and we'll attempt to contact your Santa. If we do not receive a reply from them, we will have one of our gift volunteers draw you something from your wishlist.

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:GIFT VOLUNTEERS:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

Gift volunteers will be our fallback plan if someone fails to follow through with their gift.
We'll accept anyone who wishes to help out, even if you're not a member of the group.
We want to make it fair for everyone who is working on a gift for someone to receive something in return.

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:What if there's no match for me? *cry*:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

In the event that some people are unmatched, we will have lovely volunteers making gifts for the giftless. Isn't that sweet? ;u;
If you'd like to become a gift volunteer, please comment below or note the group. Again, we will accept anyone who wishes to help, even if you're not a member of the group.

Gift volunteers will be listed in this journal below.

:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:GIFT VOLUNTEER LIST:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:


:snowflake::bulletgreen::bulletred:SECRET SANTA PARTICIPANTS:bulletred::bulletgreen::snowflake:

:bulletred: => (no wishlist journal yet)

:snowflake::iconcutyaries:WishlistFeatured By Owner


Finally, have fun and be merry! :iconchristmastreeplz:

-The Founder, Miapon
Hello everybody, as many waited for the winners, here they are! But I can say we have a lots of difficulties to break the ice for 3rd position. In fact, I wasn't expecting that there would have a lots of entries, but we took the time to think and the winners has been chosen carefully with a good and consistant opinion.

So let's-a go! :)


:trophy:First Place:trophy: :

Poisonous Peach (Please read description) by Sonicgirl582 from :iconsonicgirl582:Sonicgirl582

-Judges Commentaries:

-Chivi-chivik's Comment:

Yeah,read the description. It pretty much gives more depth to an already
gorgeous pic. There's almost no imperfection, and damn, evil Peach, now
the Peach we used to know will be useful.

Evil Peaches have been done, but aren't frequent since Shadow Peach is a
canon thing. So seeing a fresh version with a good backstory is good and
always welcome. :)

From far away looks complicated, but when you click on it and see it full-view... HOLY
FUCKING BANANAS ON A BOAT. The sheer amount of detail is astonishing.
And the black roses with blood drops... I'm still not capable of such
realistic-looking ones... :cries:

-Miapon's Comment:


-As Chivi says, the backstory Inside this picture is rly great, I would have even loved to play to a game with this kind of story Inside. Next, the technique used in this picture for the coloring is just Impressive, i have no better word to describe it. For the Originality, I can say i wouldn't have imagined like this, as for the story, of course, it's a great one and well thought, but i already readed a story similar to it, but hey, with the tons of stories that already exists in the world, how can we create something completly new these days? That's why i removed a half star for the originality, unfortunately. As for the Impact, I completly love the entire picture, apart one detail that rly bothers me, its the color the Artist used for the hair, i don't like it, so that removes a half star for the impact (My reason may sounds stupid, but an impact is an impact, no? ). Finally for the vision, which i removed a complete star, it's because i can see some anatomy mistakes, simply. As you can see, my opinion is more positive than negative, because indeed, i would give this picture the grand price, me too. :)

And you win.....

-Additional 500:points: from Miapon
-Additional 50:points: from Chivi-chivik
-1 Full Body Digital coloured drawing from Miapon
-1 Free Digital artwork from faster-by-choice
-1 Semi-Chibi Drawing from megadaisy1
-Watch, llama from Miapon
-Llama from Chivi-chivik
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup


:bulletgreen:Second Place:bulletgreen:

Happy Halloween! by makimi from :iconmakimi:makimi

-Judges Commentaries:

-Chivi-chivik's Comment:

I find this pic funny. Two old villains join up to cause mischief. And Mario is tied up. Best method ever.

Seeing Shadow Peach and Mr. L is something that doesn't surprise, but Yoob...
Yoob being the mount, I never expected that. I never expect Paper Mario
to mixed with Mario & Luigi, and less to be mixed WELL. And Mario in
distress is the cherry on top.

It's HARD to see good dry-traditional technique artists who can make good pics as
well. The coloring is full and the shading is smooth. I would never be
able to do such thing, really. At traditional art this one wins. But
this contest isn't about traditional art, so... ^^;

-Miapon's Comment:


-As a traditional art lover, and as an artists that already worked rly well with colored pencils, I know that this took a lots of time coloring this picture, the artist even use several technique that I myself wouldn't be able to use to do such a colorful drawing like this! For the vision, I unfortunately see again some anatomy mistake, but mostly on Shadow Peach this time (i don't know why ) because the rest of the picture is great, thats why i give this picture 3 stars for vision. I almost gave 5 stars for the impact because it is again because of peach's position that i removed a half star. Finally, the reason of why this picture deserves second place is because there us a lots of effort put on this picture, The Artist was rly skilled for the technique and this picture is rly original, i never seen a deviants putting these 3 characters together, even if i rly hate that Yoob because we go Inside, i love it!

And you win.....

-Additional 200:points: from faster-by-choice
-Addtional 30:points: from Chivi-chivik
-1 Lineart drawing  from faster-by-choice
-1 Lineart Drawing from Miapon
-1 Semi-Chibi Drawing from megadaisy1
-Watch, llama from Miapon
-Llama from Chivi-chivik
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup


:bulletred:Third Place:bulletred:

A Jack-in-the-Box! by faster-by-choice from :iconfaster-by-choice:faster-by-choice

-Miapon's Comment:


-Finally, as we had difficulties to choose the 3rd position, we finally choose this one, why? It's not anybody that would have thought about drawing the Mario Brothers this way, into clowns (if i have right? X,3 ) . I'm not saying I don't like clowns, i just don't like Ronald McDonald XDD. But ok, we're going far from the subject. So, for the vision, I like it, it's like ''Poof Here we are! We're now in the place!'', I can't really explain well my vision, but I can say this would perfectly fits as a poster, I Wonder if I should print it soon...  It's for the Originality that I gave you the most star, because as I said previously, only a few deviants would have dared to draw them like this. For the technique, I hate being severe, but I had to be if you want a good and constructive critique. The whole drawing is really great, impressive, as always, because the anatomy is perfect and your style too, (thats a bit why i Watch you ;) ) , but I would dare to say the background is really simple, not that much detailed, as for the shading, well done, without shading mistake but simple and there's no lights (I mean, adding a shiny color as light like you usually do for the other drawings in your gallery), I would be more in love if that drawing would have light. Finally for the impact i gave 4 and a half star because this drawing still gives me a lots of impact, I guess it's due to the several colors you used, I always been a lover of colorful drawings. Bravo! C,:

And you win.....

-Additional 75:points: from Miapon
-1 Chibi Drawing from jiggskicksass
-1 Sketch from faster-by-choice (yourself? XD )
-1 Full Body Sketch from Miapon
-1 Semi-Chibi Drawing from megadaisy1
-Watch, llama from Miapon
-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

So! that was the results for the Halloween/ Autumn Contest, I thanks everyone who have participated! I mainly thanks :iconchivi-chivik::iconmakojupiter::iconfaster-by-choice::iconmegadaisy1::iconjiggskicksass: for giving a lots of support and making this contest more amusing! :tighthug::hug::huggle: (infinitehugsfrommeh)

***So for the price donators, it's time to give your prices as promised! Or the Winners can note you to obtain their prices! ^^

For the next contest, I think it will happens next year (as always), if I have plenty of points heh, because I usually organize contests depending of the amount of points I have. ;)

Also for the one that didn't notice it yet, we're organizing a Mario themed Secret Santa!, feel free to join and become a Santa for one of our lovely members that are also participating! You have 'till November 30th, 2014 to join and write your wishlist! :)

The Secret Santa Event is here => Mario Themed Secret Santa/Wishlist JOINING CLOSED!

This is Co-founder Chivi-chivik speaking.
It's December 1st now, so this means you can't join anymore.
Quoting the founder, Miapon:
When do I submit my wishlist?
Anytime before November 30th.
Miapon will decide what to do with the people who joined yet haven't given their wishlists yet.
Stay tuned for more info and updates. :)

November 22th, 2014 UPDATE:

Don't forget to write your Wishlist! Or you won't be allowed to take part of our Secret Santa Event! ._.

Just to let you know that it remains 8 days left to write your journal about your wishlist AND if you're unsure about how to write your wishlist, be sure to go read the advices below Inside this journal!

Have a nice day everyone and be merry! ^u

Good night everyone! ♥

-The Founder, Miapon
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